Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Watercolor A Day

I like painting landscapes. I learned some oil and water color paining in my school days, informally. So, whenever I see a beautiful landscape painted, I realize how insufficient my skills are. 

Recently, I have developed fascination with watercolors. And, I am getting a perfect opportunity to spend more time on this revived interest as my husband is away. So, for next 30 days, I have taken on a task to teach myself and try methods and techniques of watercolor paining through online resources/books and create a painting (of any size) every day. 

So, here it goes.....


So far, I have found following resources very helpful.

1, Art Tutor videos
2. Mind of Watercolor 

I thank and appreciate them for putting efforts in inspiring and educating others and keeping it easy and accessible.

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