Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our Trip to the Northwest

There is no better way to see and feel a country than a road trip, so I have heard. But not many countries provide enough facilities to conduct a road trip. I appreciate American interstate system, besides intelligently designed intricate road network system and well maintained roads, I often find myself thanking the engineers for well placed sign boards and rest areas.

This time we are planning a long road trip- from Atlanta, GA up to Seattle, WA (in a way from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast). We have been thinking of doing such a trip since last 5-6 years. Although we go on road trips often and the farthest we have driven is up to Baltimore, MD; this trip, i feel, is going to be different. Different because it will be mainly in and around wilderness of the Northwest, away from more urbanized corridors and, overnight stay will needed to be decided on impromptu bases after initial few days to keep our travel flexible. In 25-28 days this summer, these are the parks we are planning to visit- Great Tetons, Yellowstone (again), Glacier, North Cascade and Olympic. How exciting! Lure of the National Parks is overwhelming but remoteness and limited network connectivity make me anxious. I believe, planning, preparing and gathering as much relevant information as I can is a key to make this journey smooth and pleasant. 

So, here it goes, the first step - a Road Map#dreamroadtrip 

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